Jermaine Clark is a Urban Contemporary artist whose main focus is to inspire, motivate and magnify the ideas of hope to individuals in pursuit of their dreams.

Motivated by his inner city upbringing where it is common to feel excluded from the “American Dream” due to lack of knowledge and resources, Jermaine hopes to encourage those with similar adverse upbringings to persevere through hardship. Born and raised in St. Louis, Mo, he discovered his love for creating art through hip hop culture. To Jermaine, hip-hop at its core represents strength, perseverance and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It’s about creating your own opportunities and storytelling. This freedom of expression, mixed with a unapologetic rawness and edge, is what motivated Jermaine to pursue a career in visual arts. 

Since 2010, Clark has produced 11 self funded solo art exhibits without the backing of a major gallery or patron. He also has participated in a number of prominent group shows such as, the Haute Hip Hop exhibit presented by Project Plus Gallery in St. Louis, the Hambige Center for the Arts annual sIlent auction, and Wonderroot's Imaginary Million exhibit. 

Currently residing in Atlanta, Ga. Jermaine and his work have been featured by Sprite P.O.U.R and American Family Insurance’s "Dream Fearlessly" National ad campaign. He was also honored by the National Black Arts Festival and graced the cover of Visionary Artistry Magazine. 

Clark’s work evokes emotion and a sense of chaos where he aims to find harmony through a combination of street art techniques and the formal language of abstract.